Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oven Baked Broccoli

It's a wonder what 425 Degrees, 8 minutes, and some salt, pepper and olive oil can do. This dish is so simple and very delicious. It's a good compliment to any type of meat and super healthy too.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chobani Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt- Unlike regular yogurt, this is slightly thicker in texture and taste. It also offers more protein than your standard yogurt.

Passion Fruit Flavor- For passion fruit lovers this may be your heaven. Buried underneath the thick and creamy yogurt is a generous serving of passion fruit enough to satisfy the taste. Although I do enjoy the taste of passion fruit I wished that it was accompanied by less seeds.

Pomegranate- Again with the seeds. Although not as big but just as annoying. I think that you may find the same satisfaction buying fresh pomegranate and putting it in yourself. Doesn't add much to the taste only to the texture.... crunchy...

Apple Cinnamon- Think fried apples. The thought of apples and cinnamon is very comforting for me. I am not sure why. I do enjoy the tiny apple chunks. It makes me want to make some fried apples myself.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Breakfast: Bacon, Eggs, and Toast with Plum Jam

Lunch: Korean Food- Seaweed soup with dumplings and rice cakes served with many side dishes

Dinner: Chicken with McCormick's Steak Rub with Garlic butter and some chopped tomatos with a side of broccoli tossed in olive oil, garlic, salt, and pepper.... sounds delicious?? We'll find out.

Monday, January 2, 2012

A brand new year...

Another birthday has passed and so has another Thanksgiving, and another Christmas. Now here we are, the new year of 2012. Will the world come to an end or is this just the beginning of something better and greater. Despite all the uncertainties of the future, I still have my own uncertainties to figure out. I'm curious to find out about my own future. What will I do this year? How will my life change? What new and exciting things do i have to look forward to this year?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quebec City- Canada

I truly do live to eat. Today my most enjoyable moments in this winter wonderland had always involved food. We started out the day eating fresh waffles, transitioned into eating crepes, then ended with some Italian. In between there were the snacks of course. I had a maple syrup ice cream cone and watched people eat hardened maple syrup off a stick. Not to mention out breakfast was some bread and very yummy cheese that we bought from the grocery store.

Also, my recent discovery is that I really like french soup. There's just something about it that makes it just right from the flavor to the texture. I had ordered food from every restaurant I have entered and have not yet been disappointed.

In addition, I had a taste of some very delicious gelatto. I remember my several attempts of this cold italian treat but it was either too sweet or the taste was a bit too much. But today I think I have found my favorite combination. It was sweet but just sweet enough that I didn't feel like gagging after a few bites.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Saravana Bhavan

I remember when I first discovered this place last year during the BBQ cookout festival in Madison Square Park. My friend and I were starving and our stomachs could not affording to wait in line for another minute so we ended up walking around to see what we can find to fill our stomachs first.

Then we spotted this Indian restaurant packed with people we decided to give it a try. We were surprised when we took a glance at the menu because it was a lot cheaper than we anticipated. Then we thought that maybe the portions will be small so we decided to order a few things and share, but then half way through taking our order, the waiter advised us that it was plenty of food and we should probably start with what we had ordered and then get more if we wanted more.

I was very glad that he had stopped us because we were stuffed over the edge. This is so far one of my favorites. Although there are still many delicious dishes I have yet to try, everything that I have ordered so far has not let me down. I really enjoy the Poori which is extreamly puffy wheat bread with curry. Yumm...

Sunday, March 7, 2010


The one thing I have discovered about myself during my time in the Big Apple is my love for food. Growing up in a restaurant I've always had the desire to eat and cook, but I always thought that it was just something that people like to do. I started out exploring in restaurant kitchen then ventured into exploring various recipes off Eventually, when I got into college I explored the world of processed foods and other unhealthy snacks. I started to cook in my own make shift kitchen that was basically a slow cook pot in my dorm room to a kitchen to my shared apartment on campus. I made everything from rice to a thanksgiving feast. Those were some of the best moments of my life.

When I moved into the city, I lost the time and the energy to cook so I started to venture out into restaurants. Since then I have explored various types of cuisines from all over the world. I started to develope a passon for taste, presentation, and service. It wasn't till my bills started racking up and I see that 95% of my spendings went towards supporting my expensive pallet that I started to force myself to cook again at home. Since I lack the space and still the energy to make anything wholesome, I make with what I have from the local grocery stores and whatever my mom decides to stock the fridge with.

But it is interesting to see and keep track of all the places I go. This is why I finally gave up and started to Yelp. However, when I have more time, I will be dedicating more pictures and discussions on food here so this would be truely mine once more.